Market Timing Bootcamp

Toni Hansen’s most popular online trading course is now available as a boot camp! Originally developed by Toni in the late 90s, her straight-forward trading methodology has withstood the test of time.

Brokers have given her book to their new clients; Hedge fund managers have used it to improve their returns; Even The International Securities Exchange and The CME Group have engaged Toni for her ability to speak to Main Street, helping individual traders and investors reach their financial goals. It’s now time for you to reach yours!

The concept of “market timing” is one that has been around for at least several hundred years, and probably several thousand in some form or another. The premise is that an investor can use tools and techniques at their disposal to optimize the times they enter or exit the markets in order to maximize the return on their investments, while minimizing their risk exposure.

Market timing has been gaining in popularity since the mid-90s, but anyone that watches a news channel that focuses upon market activity will quickly realize that the concept still hasn’t quite caught on in all circles.

There are many die-hard proponents for each of these two styles and even within the categories themselves there are many different approaches. While I certainly respect the fundamentalists, this style of trading tends to favor those who are looking to maintain long-term positions and for whom the shorter term fluctuations in a security’s price are not as relevant.

As a Technical Trader my strategy includes what I call “Five Building Blocks of Price Development”.
The composition of each of these Five Building Blocks of Price Development can influence everything from the percentage of success a strategy has, the average reward it will generate compared to its risk, and can even indicate which strategies will likely follow the current one as prices continue to evolve.

In this course, I have put together some of the most popular “trading patterns” utilized by market participants today, as well as some of my own. In each of the examples I will detail how my Five Building Blocks of Price Development influence the setup and outcome of each strategy. I will also provide you with step-by-step guidelines for utilizing my style of market analysis to improve your own results.

You will quickly realize that some of the core concepts that many traders are taught relating to technical analysis, such as a traditional Head-and Shoulders pattern, will actually hinder your success. Read and watch very carefully and see if you can recognize other mainstream concepts that can be improved through the use of my Five Building Blocks of Price Development.
As you progress through this course, notice that I have taken setups from multiple asset classes and time frames to include in this publication. That is because my style of market analysis is not limited to merely one or two markets or time frames! Once you have learned how to use my Five Building Blocks of Price Development, you will be able to take that knowledge and apply it to any market you favor!

When studying the patterns in this course, I recommend that you first read through each of the setups and the accompanying examples of the patterns one at a time. Be sure to also view the video portion for each strategy before moving onto the next.

Once you have made it through the course, begin compiling your own loose-leaf notebook or folder with charts that illustrate the patterns I have outlined and make a note of each of the pros and cons you can identify within each strategy according to my Five Building Blocks of Price Development. This will help you grow and develop a better understanding of the dynamics at play within each of the patterns, as well as discover where your greatest strengths lie!

All my best,


Toni Hansen